Kou Yuanyuan,CEO of our company, led the team to Jinan Urban Construction Group for study

2019-04-01 /2858

      On the morning of March 28, led by Kou Yuanyuan,  Vice President Lv Tongzhan ,Cheng Xianguang, Bai Zhenghai and other 10 people went to Jinan Urban Construction Group to study. Tian Guofeng, Vice General Manager of Jinan Urban Construction Group, Pan Hebin, Minister of Marketing Management, Yang Maohe, Minister of Safety Supervision, Xu Qingli, Vice General Manager of Market Management, Chen Bin, Vice General Manager of Branch and Yuan Daqing, Vice General Manager of Branch, organized reception.

      At 9 a.m., accompanied by Tian Guofeng and Pan Hebin, Chen Chunyan, Director of Jinan Dacheng Art Museum, led our group to visit Dacheng Art Museum in Jinan Urban Construction Group. Dacheng Art Museum is an artistic place and cultural industry project created by Jinan Urban Construction Group. It is open free to the public and art fans after the completion, which reflects the corporate social responsibility and participation in cultural construction. Curator Chen kept two traditional African paintings presented by my group in the museum.

      At about 10 a.m., under the leadership of Kou Yuanyuan, the groups CEO, our group participated in an exchange meeting with Jinan Urban Construction Group. Tian Guofeng, Vice General Manager of Jinan Urban Construction, Li Qingguang, Deputy Engineer and Deputy Minister of Engineering Management, Pan Hebin, Minister of Marketing Management, Li Yongliang, Minister of Finance and Management, Yang Maohe, Minister of Safety Supervision, Zhang Haifeng, Vice Minister of Engineering Management and Ding Qun, Vice-Minister of Material and Equipment Management attended the meeting. The meeting mainly discussed the measures taken to control the quality and safety of the project, the real-name system of construction workers, the award-winning and excellence-creating work of the project, the regional management and risk control management in the market operation, information management and financial management.

     Through this exchange and learning, the group has benefited a lot. At the same time, it has deepened our friendship, and laid a good foundation for more exchanges and cooperation in the future.