Marketing Department Organizes Special Training on Knowledge of Bidding Business

2019-02-27 /2537

In order to further standardize the bidding management of the company, improve the understanding of the laws and regulations of project bidding by the group operators, and ensure the timeliness, accuracy and systematicness of the compilation of bidding documents, the marketing department of our company organized a special training on the knowledge of project bidding business, and a total of 24 managers from each branch participated in the training.

The training was conducted by Yu Hao of the marketing department.The training explained the bidding process clearly. Based on the relevant provisions of bidding documents and key points for attention, the training explained in detail the analysis of bidding documents, the preparation of bidding documents, the evaluation process and other aspects, and combined with practical cases, carried out systematic operation, pointed out the problems and avoidance measures in the process of bidding and bidding. Subsequently, Wu Wei, senior business manager of marketing department, combined with recent bidding opening examples, emphasized the links that are easy to be omitted in the whole bidding process as a warning. Finally, Kou Yuanyuan, the CEO of the company, made a further supplement to the training, emphasizing that there is nothing trivial in the management work. She hoped that the managers would have a correct attitude and strengthen the exchange of experience after bidding, so as to ensure that no mistakes would occur in any link of the bidding process.The trainees listened attentively, recorded carefully and exchanged and discussed in time where they could not understand.

 Through the training, the operators of each branch have a clearer understanding of the bidding business and the actual operation procedures of the new system, enhance the awareness of risk prevention and control, and lay a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the group in the future.